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Answers to your questions on post, packing, images, mounts etc.



What if I don't like the artwork?        Money Back Guarantee

You may return posted items within 14 days (10 working days) of reciept if you are not completely satisfied with them.  A refund (less P&P cost) can be given as soon as the items have been returned undamaged. If P&P is noted as FREE then a £5 P&P refund charge will apply.

* Please obtain a *Refunds Reference* (from me) before returning any items.  *


Mount board quality

Prints are supplied mounted and in a plastic self-seal bag that is used to protect the mounted product.

The Mount Board is 1.4mm thick white core board made Daler Rowney.  A Backing Board is used to strengthen the mount and finish the product.  This backing board is 1.4mm thick cream core board also by Daler Rowney.

The size shown is the size of the mounted print.  Noted below are the frame and image sizes of the mounted prints.


• Frame Size 20 x 16 inches,  ---------------------------------- (Frame 51 x 40 cm)   approx

• Frame Size 16 x 12 inches, Image Size 11.75 x 7.75 inches  (Frame 40 x 30 cm)       ''

• Frame Size 12 x 10 inches, Image Size  8.75 x  6.75 inches  (Frame 30 x 25cm)        ''

• Frame Size 10 x   8 inches, Image Size  6.75 x  4.75 inches  (Frame 25 x 20 cm)       ''


Key to Codes Used

Acr = Acrylic Paint                               Org = Orginal

CP = Coloured Pencil                            Prt = Print

Gp = Graphite                                       Mt = Mounted          

Ink = Acrylic / Indian Ink                   BD = Board (primed MDF or timber)

Oil = Oil Paint                                       CV = Canvas

Pas = Pastel                                         PP = Paper

WC = Watercolour                                OP = Oil Paper


How quick is my order sent?

Orders will usually be despatched within 7 working days from receipt of payment.  If there is any delay due to unforseen circumstances customers will be notified.


Late deliveries will not constitute a breach of contract.


How is the artwork packaged for shipping?

Mounted artwork is packed in a rigid photo type envelope, canvas art is packed in a box lined with suitable protection.


What method is used to ship the artwork?

First Class post is used for UK addresses.  At present Artwork is only sent to UK and NOT to overseas addresses.


Sending Overseas from UK

All items on this site are for delivery to UK addresses only. For ordering for delivery outside of the UK please send an email to request a packing and delivery price.


Postage Charges

Postage and packaging is charged at a minimal rate.  The cost is based on getting your new artwork to you in pristine condition and a reasonalble time.  The cost of packaging / postage is continually reviewed to reduce the cost but not the speed of delivery or comromise the safety of the artwork.


The cost of post and packaging does however, increase steeply for box canvases and larger works.


The cost of postage and packaging will be refunded on any art collected from Maidstone, Kent.


Image quality of the artwork on-line?

Please note that the colours reproduced on a web page may vary slightly from the original painting or print.  


To ensure an efficient web site, the images have been reduced in quality for on-line purposes.  Thus they may sometimes appear to lack somewhat in detail, shading and balance, colours may vary slightly due to different graphic cards and monitor settings.


Camera flash or reflections may also be visible on pre-framed or cellophane sealed items. Please rest assured that the examples you see on this site are not a true representation of the actual quality of the art you will receive, and if you are not happy with your purchase then please our money back guarantee below.


My question is not answered?


Please contact us by email and we will be back with your answer quickly.