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Pet Art - Photgraph your Pet

The Camera  

  • Use a good quality camera.

  • With a digital camera set the resolution to High quality (2M pixels and above).  

  • Camera phone images are often not good enough for portraits when blown up.


The Picture  

  • The better the quality of the photograph the better the end result portrait.

  • If possible take the photo outside without a flash. (see section or in the garden).

  • Include as much detail as possible.

  • Ideally take your photographs with your back to the sun.

  • Your pet should fill the frame, a lot of space around the pet means the image will be smaller and the quality lower.

  • A 3/4 head shot is better than having a straight on photo for most breeds, as this stops the noses looking too flat and gives dimension to the face.

  • Ideally you should be able to see highlights in your pet’s eye(s).

How to take your pet's photo for their portrait

Garfield smile gif open armed dog gif

Indoors or the Garden  

  • Photographs are clearer outside – though cats are often best photographed indoors.

  • Try to take the photos when the sun is not too bright and try to avoid heavy shadows.

  • If your pet is black, try to take the photos on a cloudy day.

  • If your favorite pet pose is a flash photo, then send other photos without flash to show the natural colouring.


Posing your pet  (getting it to sit still)

  • Act naturally - its no big deal. Try to act as if it is nothing special, let them see the camera and check it out.

  • The portrait can be commissioned from multiple photos, so if your pet is not quite right on one we can work from several photos to produce a better portrait.


Get the pose  

  • Try getting someone else to take the photo whilst you distract the animal with toys, squeakers or food.

Take a photo to use as a Pet portrait, ensuring the best quality picture to work the portrait.

garfield-the-cat gif sleep-garfield co gif